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Ogilvie Stock Ranch

Mixed Bag of Beef

Mixed Bag of Beef

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 One of our most popular products - A mixed bag of beef that is approximately 25 lbs of assorted cuts.  It includes ground beef, stew meat, ribs and a variety of cuts of steaks and roasts. This bag is perfect for a family to try a small variety of beef cuts.

Each bag varies slightly but  an approximate breakdown of the contents is as follows:
-7 to 9 lbs of ground beef (1 lb packages)
-1 package of stew meat (1 lb packages)
-1 packages of ribs
-3-4 packages of steaks (2 steaks per package)
-2 roasts

You can specify at if you have a preference of grass-finished or grain-finished.

Our beef is raised on our family ranch just outside of Kamloops, without the use of added hormones.  It is processed at a provincially inspected abattoir which a local, family owned business near Kamloops, BC.

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